About us

The Journey begins

In the Eighties, the founders of Amirey-Hagalil succeeded in turning their dream into a reality. They discovered the perfect building site where they could realize their dream, situated next to Moshav Amirim, on the main road to Zfat.
There they built a Horse Farm with an adjacent Cafeteria.
The Farm was built in the heart of the natural forest as a Roadhouse with its original passageways decorated with arches, that surrounded an inner courtyard bearing an ancient Olive Tree sitting in the heart of the courtyard.

The beginnings of a Galilean guesthouse.

Changing times brought a new mission for the farm. It changed from a Visitor Center to a small and very unique hotel. The horse stalls situated on the ground floor were turned into guest rooms with a terrace and a small grassy area. The cafeteria changed into a spacious restaurant and a stage for many Artists at the beginning of their careers. Among these artists, the Sheva band and Mosh Ben Ari were frequent entertainers.

Boutique Hotel in the North

The Guesthouse continued to develop and began to offer its guests Spa and Health treatments.
The growing demand was met by expanding the treatment area and building a second floor to the hotel with a beautiful shingled roof.
Amirey Hagalil Boutique hotel was built as a Green build with a goal of preserving energy. This was accomplished by sticking to the simple rules of a green build. Those rules include choosing the most advantageous positioning of windows, being aware of shading and correct insulation. All of the above allows for natural ventilation.
All of the priorities of a green build were employed and guarded during the process of all changes that occurred over the years.

The original guesthouse was the forerunner of the Boutique Hotel which houses 16 guest rooms and a professional Spa complex that hosts Events, Workshops and Conferences.
Opposite all the configurations and functions that the Hotel has absorbed and worn over the last 30 years, only the breathtaking views and the ancient Olive tree in the middle of the courtyard have remained the same.