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The restaurant caters to hotel guests, residents and travelers in the region who are seeking a kosher restaurant in the north offering rich meals in an inviting, country atmosphere with meticulous yet unpretentious, professional service. The restaurant is called 'Bein Kramim' – Among Vineyards, attesting to its colorful location between the olive groves of 'Biq'at Beit Hakerem' and the vineyards on the slopes of Merom Hagalil. Visitors will enjoy a particularly good restaurant housed in a quaint, former stable and surrounded by greenery, clear mountain air and majestic views from large picture windows.
The restaurant offers breakfasts and suppers, Kosher Lemehadrin.
Our breakfasts are dairy and presented as a rich, fresh, quality buffet, including fresh baked goods, antipasti, dips, cheeses, vegetables, breads, and, of course, a selection of desserts.
Our evening meals are offered from a set menu of 5 different main courses. Meals include main course and dessert. The menu includes a variety of mazatim (salads); juicy cuts of meat; authentic, mouth-watering stews; delightful fish dishes and delicious, carefully prepared vegan entrees.
As a restaurant in the north that is steeped in nature and culture, we are proud of our use of select, local, natural ingredients and offer quality local wines from our special wine menu.

The restaurant is opened for guetsts outside the hotel on Sunday - Thursday for breakfast & Dinner
The restaurant serves on Friday nights only the guests of the Hotel We apologize  for any inconvenience 
Kosher restaurant in Upper Galilee boasting a talented and creative local chef.

Midweek Menu

A selection of tapas & dips prepared with local seasonal ingredients with home baked aromatic Rosemary Sourdough bread
Creamed root and fresh vegetables soup
Smoked Asado beef strips with homemade Pasta strips served with a selection of wild herbs, dried cherry tomatoes
A Brisket Feedlot marbled Steak smoked with fresh garden herbs on sweet potato Carpaccio seasoned with locally produced olive oil
Beef Ribs, lightly smoked and glazed with tamarind syrup. Served on a bed of cream of Leek and garlic confit, then, garnished with an aromatic green oil.
Chicken and Eggplant—pieces of dark meat chicken served on a thick eggplant slice with eggplant mousse and a crusty eggplant finish.
Chicken breast, perfectly roasted, served on a bed of Arborio risotto accompanied by red chili, garnished with basil and peanuts.
Salmon fillet, Duxelles mushrooms, garden herbs and coriander seeds mixture served in a flaky bourika crust, oven baked with sage butter and turmeric
Authentic Pad Thai of winter vegetables served in a white stock, coriander, grated lime peel, egg and peanut butter (Vegetarian)
Baked Portobello mushroom filled with sweet potatoes pecans and herbs (vegan)
A salad of crunchy lettuce, sweet cherry tomatoes, roasted sweetpotato and peanuts dressed with a vinaigrette of Tamarind and Truffle oil
Entrecote Feedlot (300 grams) served with garlic confit and chimichurri - 45 NIS
Chocolate Nemesis with rich clouds of whipped cream crumble and laced twills
Hot Apple Pie topped with a Walnut Crumble and served with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream
Orange scented Malabi pudding served with a wild berry coulis and a Kadaif crust
Lemon and Basil Tart topped with a Baked Meringue
A Parfait made with Tahini paste and Caramelized Pecans
Refreshing lemonade
Tea/ Espresso served with dessert
Price per person: 175 NIS
The price does not include soft drinks and Wine
*service not included

Friday night Menu

A selection of tapas & dips prepared with local seasonal ingredients with sourdough bread
Creamed root and fresh vegetables soup
Refreshing fruit sorbet
Beef Bourguignon slow cooked with root vegetables, red wine and rosemary
A Moroccan inspired oven baked stew of chicken, dried fruits, confit of onions, walnuts and red wine
Confit of duck meat in a sauce of Cabernet wine, Espresso, wild berries and thyme on a bed of potatoes cream
Tilapia fillet on a bed of creamed Peppers
Baked Portobello mushroom filled with sweet potatoes garlic confit, herbs and pecan (vegan)
A Vegan Chraime cooked with ground Tofu patties spiced with herbs, walnuts and pickled lemon, all served on a bed of Romesco sauce (vegan)
Rice seasoned with cardamon and cinnamon
Greens Salad with Cherry Tomatoes, Sweet potato crust dressed with an Oregano Vinaigrette
Orange scented Malabi pudding served with a wild berry coulis and a Kadaif crust
Chocolate Nemesis with rich clouds of whipped cream and laced twills
Classic Apple pie served warm with vanilla ice cream and walnut crumble
Parfait made with Halvah, Walnuts and Pecans
Refreshing lemonade
Wild Berry Tea/Turkish Coffee served with dessert
The price does not include soft drinks and Wine
*service not included


Our Dairy breakfast offers a freestyle fresh and high quality Buffet.
It includes a rich selection of baked goods, quiches, Antipasti, Dips and a wide variety of hard and soft cheeses.
It also includes fresh salads prepared with seasonal vegetables, bread freshly baked at our restaurant and a variety of sweets.
As a restaurant situated in the Galilee (Israel North district), we are firmly connected to our surrounding culture and nature.
We are proud and greatly enjoy using the locally grown and cultivated superior ingredients.
We are even prouder to offer our diners with dietary requests that have been pre ordered, gluten-free foods, sugar-free foods and vegan dishes.

Breakfast is open to the general public between 8:00 - 10:30 from Sunday through Thursday
Please reserve in advance: 04-6989815

Group meals

'Bein kramim' restaurant, at Amirey Hagalil Hotel, in the heart of vineyard country, nestles on the mountainside in a beautiful building, offering a beautiful view of the Sea of Galilee and the Galil mountains. The restaurant is kosher (lemehadrin) and offers a unique experience with rich, finely prepared meals, an inviting, authentic country atmosphere, and professional, meticulous and unpretentious service. 'Bein Kramim' restaurant offers a variety of meals for groups, from a delightful breakfast buffet to brunch, lunch and a wide selection of supper menus.

Important remarks:

  • The restaurant is open for dinner reservations on Sunday-Thursday, from 7:00 P.M. onwards.
    The restaurant serves breakfast Sunday-Friday 8 AM – 10:30 Am.
  • Reservations must be made in advance.
    To reserve a table and for additional information, please contact the hotel’s reception desk: 04-6989815
  • The restaurant is located in a Boutique Hotel that is specifically for couples. Therefore, the restaurant does not accept reservations that include infants or children under 10 years of age.
  • Kashrut – The hotel’s restaurant ‘Bein Kramim’ is Strictly Kosher (Kasher Le’ Mehadrin) under the supervision of the Marom HaGalil Local Rabanuth

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Our home website prices include Dinner and Breakfast (half-board)
Our restaurant is closed Saturday evenings.
Please inform our staff of any food sensitivities when making a Reservation.
Dinner in our restaurant will cost 175 Shekel per Diner.
Our restaurant is strictly Kosher under the authority of the Regional Rabbinical Council of Marom Hagalil.
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