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'Bein Kramim' Restaurant

About us


'Bein Kramim' Restaurant – Amirey Hagalil Boutique Hotel

***The restaurant is opened for guetsts outside the hotel on Sunday - Thursday for breakfast & Dinner***

Kosher restaurant in Upper Galilee boasting a talented and creative local chef.
The restaurant caters to hotel guests, residents and travelers in the region who are seeking a kosher restaurant in the north offering rich meals in an inviting, country atmosphere with meticulous yet unpretentious, professional service. The restaurant is called 'Bein Kramim' – Among Vineyards, attesting to its colorful location between the olive groves of 'Biq'at Beit Hakerem' and the vineyards on the slopes of Merom Hagalil. Visitors will enjoy a particularly good restaurant housed in a quaint, former stable and surrounded by greenery, clear mountain air and majestic views from large picture windows.

The restaurant offers breakfasts and suppers, Kosher Lemehadrin.

Our breakfasts are dairy and presented as a rich, fresh, quality buffet, including fresh baked goods, antipasti, dips, cheeses, vegetables, breads, and, of course, a selection of desserts.

Our evening meals are offered from a set menu of 5 different main courses. Meals include main course and dessert. The menu includes a variety of mazatim (salads); juicy cuts of meat; authentic, mouth-watering stews; delightful fish dishes and delicious, carefully prepared vegan entrees.

As a restaurant in the north that is steeped in nature and culture, we are proud of our use of select, local, natural ingredients and offer quality local wines from our special wine menu.


***The restaurant is opened for guetsts outside the hotel on Sunday - Thursday for breakfast & Dinner***
Our Dairy breakfast offers a freestyle fresh and high quality Buffet.
It includes a rich selection of baked goods, quiches, Antipasti, Dips and a wide variety of hard and soft cheeses.
It also includes fresh salads prepared with seasonal vegetables, bread freshly baked at our restaurant and a variety of sweets.
As a restaurant situated in the Galilee (Israel North district), we are firmly connected to our surrounding culture and nature.
We are proud and greatly enjoy using the locally grown and cultivated superior ingredients.
We are even prouder to offer our diners with dietary requests that have been pre ordered, gluten-free foods, sugar-free foods and vegan dishes.

Breakfast is open to the general public between 8:00 - 10:30 from Sunday through Thursday
Please reserve in advance: 04-6989815
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The restaurant is open for dinner reservations on Sunday-Thursday, from 7:00 P.M. onwards.
The restaurant serves breakfast Sunday-Friday 8 AM – 10:30 Am
Reservations must be made in advance.
To reserve a table and for additional information, please contact the hotel’s reception desk: 04-6989815
The restaurant is located in a Boutique Hotel that is specifically for couples. Therefore, the restaurant does not accept reservations that include infants or children under 10 years of age.
Kashrut – The hotel’s restaurant ‘Bein Kramim’ is Strictly Kosher (Kasher Le’ Mehadrin) under the supervision of the Marom HaGalil Local Rabanuth