Star Tour

Star Tour

Amirey Hagalil Spa Hotel, located in the Mt. Meron Nature Reserve, is surrounded by natural forests and woodland, with a magnificent view and an abundance of entertainment and touring possibilities. The hotel's location in the heart of Merom Hagalil and close to many attractions, makes it the perfect starting point for Star Tours. We leave the hotel every day for trips and return at the end of the day for a spa treatment and a romantic evening meal in the hotel restaurant, 'Bein Kramim'. Star Tours enables you to combine nature walks, tours of wineries, visits to historical sites and other fun activities near the hotel, including bicycle trips, jeep trips and more. Amirey Hagalil enjoys good business relations with a variety of sites and attractions in the region, granting guests special discounts and offers.


There are many walking and hiking trails close to the hotel, for walking and cycling, including Nahal Perod, Biriya Forest, the summit path on Mt. Meron, the Nahal Amud Reserve. Amirey Hagalil is surrounded not only by magnificent nature, but is also home to a variety of archaeological sites, tombs of the Righteous and ancient cities brimming with local history and art, such as Zefat, Peki'in and Rosh Pina.
Nahal Amud twists and turns for more than 20 km between forested Galilee mountains, through orchards, remnants of earlier settlements and fresh water springs, until it reaches the Sea of Galilee. The reserve offers a number of hiking paths at various levels of difficulty, but all include lots of water and are recommended during every season of the year. The path is winding and perfect for families.
Nahal Zalmon flows near the imaginary border between the Upper and Lower Galilees, and is lush with water plants, forest trees and fruit orchards, as well as 14 flour mills, most of them merely archaeological remains. The Nahal is fed by several springs and although the flow is not that strong (most of the water is pumped away for drinking water), you can splash around in the water at a number of places along the way. The stream is pleasant, calm and easy, although not twisting, especially if you choose the short route (there and back is 3 km); and you can continue on to where the stream spills into the Sea of Galilee (another 17 km).
The path begins in the 'Har Meron' Reserve, a large forest reserve and home to a rich variety of Mediterranean flora. The path is winding, beautiful, short and easy to walk, passing around the Har Meron summit (1,208 m) and enabling an extensive view of Upper Galilee mountains and Lebanon, the Golan and the Hermon, and even a bit of the coast and part of the Lower Galilee. The Summit path is beautiful all year, with an abundance of flowers that change from season to season, including several types of orchids.
Nahal Rosh Pina begins in Zefat, continuing steeply down into Rosh Pina and finally joining the mountainous Jordan River. Parts of the path are a bit rugged, enabling an extensive view of the Hula Valley and Rosh Pina, in full, verdant glory, including water and plants, vineyards, orchards, all fed from three springs, Ein Guy Oni, Ein Pina and Ein Kadan. The path is easy to walk, but includes a steep downhill. It's fairly straight, beginning in Zefat and ending in Rosh Pina, but you can also hike just the lower portion (there and back).
A magical, green landscape, including mountains, streams and valleys, fresh air, heritage sites, tombs of the Righteous, vineyards and wineries. All this awaits you on the cycling paths through the forests of Biriya and Baram in Merom Hagalil. The paths are suitable for families and experienced riders. The bicycle paths in Merom Hagalil pass through forests and agricultural fields, and have been approved and run by KKL, assisted by the Office of Tourism, Merom Hagalil Regional Council, local council Gush Halav and Preservation of Nature authorities, and have been constructed at various levels of riding difficulty. From the many riding options, you can choose a path suitable for the entire family, easy, medium and challenging.
A map of the Merom HaGalil bicycle paths click here

Vacation and Wine

Amirey Hagalil lies in the center of a rich cru of vineyards and wineries who open their gates to visits and wine-tastings. We invite you for an amazing wine tour with a professional guide, where you will visit larger wineries and smaller, boutique wineries, tour the vineyards, hear explanations, anecdotes and of course taste the excellent wines.
As our guests, we would be delighted to invite you to experience the richness of the Vineyard Trail, with tastings, atmosphere and the landscapes of our Land of Israel.
A small, family winery producing approximately 10,000 bottles per year of white and red wines, and fresh pomegranate juice. The tour includes an explanation of winemaking, with wine tastings served with cheeses. Products may be purchased on site.

Location: Kfar Shamai (5 minute drive from hotel)
Visitor Center Telephone: 04-6989685 / 95402120032 Zahava Dror
Hours of operation: Every day of the week, with advance arrangements
Yekev 'Harei Galil' offers a guided tour that heightens the senses and focuses totally on wine. You will experience the grape's journey from the vineyard to the bottle, while learning about growing regions, stainless steel containers, wooden barrels, body and aroma. The tour is capped with a professional tasting of a fine selection of wines from the winery.

Location: Kibbutz Yaron (25 minute drive from hotel)
Visitor Center Telephone: 04-6868748
Hours of operation: Sun-Thurs, 9:00-17:00 / Friday 9:00-14:00 (in summer until 16:00)
A boutique winery producing pomegranate wine, invites you to hear about their production methods, the wonderful healing properties of the pomegranate and to enjoy a variety of additional pomegranate products, including pomegranate oil and really lovely cosmetics.

Location: Dalton Industrial Area (20 minute drive from hotel)
Visitor Center Telephone: 04-6822325
Hours of operation: Sun-Thurs, 9:00-17:00 / Fridays and holiday eves: 9:00-15:00 | Saturdays and holidays: closed.
Location: Safsufa (15 minute drive from hotel)
Entrance fee: Tastings: NIS 30 per person | Tour + tastings: NIS 45 per person (price reduced with wine purchases)
Discounts for hotel guests: 10% discount on purchase of crate
Telephone for advance arrangments: 052-7967570 / 052-5254570
Discounts are valid for couples | We recommend you arrange your visit in advance | Please bring your discount card (get it at the hotel desk).

Visiting - Places to visit

Our hotel is located in the heart of 'Merom Hagalil' region, surrounded by natural forest and native plants and is brimming with great tourist spots you shouldn't miss:
  • Ein Kamonim Dairy
  • Olive Oil Press – Saba Haviv, Kibbutz Parod
  • Soaps at Alma's, Moshav Shefer
  • Debbie Stained Glass (Vitrage), Moshav Amirim
  • Ruti Dror – Cardboard/carton construction, Moshav Amirim
  • Eretz Hagalil Jeep Tours, Moshav Amirim
  • Artists' Quarter, Old City, Zefat
  • Horse Farm, Bat Ya'ar
  • Adir Dairy, Dalton Industrial Area
  • Michal's Soaps, Dalton Industrial Area
  • Restoration site, Rosh Pina
  • Agmon Market
  • Agmon Hahula
  • Old Peki'in
  • Open Museum, Tefen
  • Bar-David Museum, Kibbutz Baram