Amirey Hagalil Boutique Hotel accommodates both private and business groups interested in holding workshops, team-building days, management meetings, conferences, seminars and other events. Our hotel staff will help you plan your business meeting, fun activity or a combination of the two; how to plan the meeting, which workshops and activities to select, whether to make use of our hotel's professional spa services and facilities, making your decision on types and contents of menus, time schedules and more.
The hotel's unique location in the heart of a Galilee woodland provides each gathering with a built-in backdrop of green forest and a breathtaking view, accompanied by deep silence and tranquility. The various areas of the hotel complex enable a full match between spaces, external and internal, and the type of activity/size of group. For instance, a team-building day, focusing on activities and workshops, might be held in the garden and/or the natural woods next to it, while a management meeting, including presentations and lectures might better suit the spacious meeting room, which is equipped with all you will need and looks out over a magnificent view of the Sea of Galilee and Golan mountains.
We also invite you to enjoy our on-site, kosher lemehadrin Galilee restaurant 'Bein Kramim' (Among the Vineyards), which offers rich meals and light refreshments served to groups, with coordination in advance.

Meeting room, Conference hall

Amirey Hagalil Boutique Hotel offers business accommodation in a stimulating, inspiring environment and an inviting, homey atmosphere. You can choose between a gathering in the beautifully tended courtyard opposite the natural forest, or the conference and meeting room that is both isolated and brimming with inspiration, facing the Sea of Galilee and the Golan, and equipped with state-of-the-art, professional equipment for conferences, meetings and workshops.

We place at your service:
• Meeting table that seats up to 20 people
• Half-circle seating for up to 30 people
• Theater seating for up to 60 people
• Film projector and screen
• Wireless Internet
• USB, VGA, HDMI, MICRO HDMI connections
• Flip chart
• Whiteboard and markers
• Microphone and sound system as required
• Refreshments: hot/cold beverages and home-baked pastries
• Breakfasts/lunches/suppers at the 'Bein Kramim' restaurant in the hotel.

Types of meetings:
• Management/Board meetings
• Workshops
• Presentations
• Small private meetings (contract signings, discussions, etc.)
• Employee team instruction
• Offsite brainstorm meetings for managers and employee teams

Meals for Groups

'Bein kramim' restaurant, at Amirey Hagalil Hotel, in the heart of vineyard country, nestles on the mountainside in a beautiful building, offering a beautiful view of the Sea of Galilee and the Galil mountains. The restaurant is kosher (lemehadrin) and offers a unique experience with rich, finely prepared meals, an inviting, authentic country atmosphere, and professional, meticulous and unpretentious service. 'Bein Kramim' restaurant offers a variety of meals for groups, from a delightful breakfast buffet to brunch, lunch and a wide selection of supper menus.

Group activities

We invite you to hold a variety of (content) activities in the appropriate interior space, or outside in the heart of the nature surrounding the hotel. You can arrange one-day meetings or overnight accommodation, combine light refreshments and/or rich, varied meals served in our restaurant or in the hotel garden. In addition, you can hold lectures, workshops, meetings and conferences in the conference room, facing our magnificent view.
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Important notes

  • Minimun 15 People.
  • Flexible schedule according to group needs and size.
  • Price doesn't include tips.

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