Hotel Privacy Policy

Hotel Privacy Policy
The following is hotel policy regarding the sharing of customer details with a third party:
We honor our customers' privacy and will handle personal information made available to us in the manner appropriate to sensitive information.
We collect only the appropriate information required for data processing. Nevertheless, we collect only the information required for efficient management and control of the service experience for the services we offer.
The data is collected in one of the following manners: Booking through the hotel's Internet website, request in writing made via the "Contact us" link in the hotel's Internet website, direct request by email or telephone to the hotel, booking with the hotel's reservation department, registration for the hotel's customer club, posting of review in hotel website.
Email lists: Some of the website's contents are published in email notifications or phone texts occasionally sent, at the discretion of website operators, to whomever has directly requested to receive them, after they have voluntarily provided us with their email addresses. These newsletters/notifications may be stopped by clicking on the link "Remove me from this list" at the bottom of every email notification, or by contacting the website operators directly.
Facebook pixel: The website uses Facebook pixel to generate a public interested in the website's contents. This public may become a target public for marketing of the products described in this website.
In addition, Google collects data that does not identify the customer directly through cookies. You can cancel this option at any time.
In conclusion: Any personal data or information you leave in the hotel website is confidential and shall not be shared with any other external element.